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    Ningbo Bestway Valves Limited.
Add: Suite 2214-2216, Zhenhanzi Building No. 225, Northern Section of Huancheng West Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang , China.
Tel: +86-574-27788031,27788030,87504597
Fax: +86-574-87506697, 87506907

Ningbo Bestway Valves Limited. is located in Ningbo- a scenic coastal city of east china, we specialized in manufacturing brass & bronze valves, hose and fittings. Included ball valves, angle valves, Gate valve, check valves, Bibcock, Tap, faucet ,Water meter parts and so on. The company was set up in June of 1997. With more than nine years of manufacturing experience . ......


Ball valve Gate valve Check valve
Ball Valve Gate Valve Check Valve
Strainer valve Brass Fitting Water meter fitting
Strainer Valve Brass Fitting Water Meter Fitting
Bibcock Angle valve Tap
Bibcock Angle Valve Tap
Knitted hose Faucet Shower
Knitted Hose Faucet Shower

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